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We are icom distributors for airband and pmr radios.

transcievers, batteries, spares and accessories for

icom A2, A20, A3, A22, A6, A24 A110 A210 radio range


We are also the inventors and manufacturers of the

long range high performance aerial for hot air balloons


Popular radio and accessories please contact for up to date prices.

We will endeavour to beat or match any other UK dealer prices

Icom A6 sport pack A24 sport pack Icom A6 pro pack A24 pro pack   


Generally unbeatable on accessories!

Call 01622 858956

Icom Hand held speaker mike for A3/A22/A6/A24       

Icom replacement aerial

Icom A6 genuine spare nimh battery    Li-ion     AA case

Icom A3/A22 genuine battery            

Icom A2/20/21 AA battery case for alkaline or Nimh

Icom IC-A110


A3 Volume or squelch or frequency knob

Long range balloon basket aerial

240 volt mains wall chargers

Obviously we don't have room to list everything, so give us a ring and tell us what you need. or email      



Icom Spare Parts

Parts available for newer models, and A3/22 models. Unfortunately Icom don't have any spares left for A2/20/21models and non EU/UK models other than chargers





We supply all icom equipment for aviation enthusiasts, scanners, pilots, light aircraft, microlights, powered parachutes and gliders BMAA PFA LAA BGA
Icom A2 radio airband transceiver
Icom A22 radio airband transceiver
Icom A3 radio airband transceiver
Icom A22 radio airband transceiver
Icom A6 radio airband transceiver
Icom A24 radio airband transceiver
Icom A6 transciever
Icom A24 transciever
Icom A3 transciever
Icom 2 way PMR PBR radio
Icom portable radio
Icom A110
Icom A210

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